Yes, even the Trig Man knows when it's time to get serious and pay attention to the world.  So, I watched the state of the union address last night, and it got me thinking about what a great country this is. Think about it for a some countries, women can only go outside covered head to toe. Can you believe that?

A million years ago, George Washington and some old guys fought some other guys with bad teeth, and we won. And it's because of that freedom that inventions such as the thong, bikini, and edible panties came to be. For those reasons, I salute you!

Don't get me wrong...there are other countries I'm a fan of: France (nude beaches), Italy (hot women who can cook), and Switzerland (highest rate of cosmetic surgery in the world).

But the USA will always hold a special place in my heart...

...and in my pants.

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