Yes, I know. It's hard for some people to admit, but not every date can be good. Even someone with a track record like the Trig Man has had a few...mishaps.

Don't get me wrong, I'm way ahead in the score column, but a foul ball once or twice does happen.

For example, about six months ago I saw this girl in the supermarket. She was checking out melons, I was checking instant match. I strolled over and turned on the Trig charm, and there's nothing more hypnotic than the Trig charm. It's like ice cream on a hot summer day...on the beach...with thongs...

Whoa...zoned out a second there. I'm back.

So we hit it off and hit the check out line together. Being the gentleman I am, I carried her bags back to her car. When we got there, she didn't want to open the trunk. Seeing how embarrassed she was about it, I knew something was up.

"Girl, there ain't nothing in there I haven't seen before," I said. Finally she caved and opened the trunk.

And I have to admit...for the first time, the Trig Man was wrong.

In the trunk was a gorgeous brunette in her underwear. At first she was surprised, then smiled and invited me in...and being the gentleman I am...

Why was this my worst date ever? Simple...the Trig Man has never been wrong or surprised before when it comes to girls...until this moment.

What happened after that, you might ask? I'm not the type to talk, but I will say of those grocery bags was full of chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and ice cream...and we didn't need a spoon to eat it with either.

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