My guru says that resolutions are promises you make to promise to change in order to create a more promising life full of hope...and promise. 

This year, I Seattle Smith do solemnly swear and promise to myself to....

Live each day as if it were my last.

Listen to the laughter of a little child.

Stop and smell the roses...and the tulips and the begonias and the daffodils and the present the dog left because everyone deserves a chance.

Sing as if no one is watching.

Not be afraid of nudity.

Give peaches a chance.

Make love like Republicans makes war.

Fall in many times as possible

Get guru to give me a raise

Meet Jaysen Smith

Write a musical

Start I can quit cold turkey!

Become my own soulmate

Build a snowman....every day.

See Topeka.

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    Hi, everyone. My name is Seattle, and it's great to meet you. I think we're going to become the best of friends, and like my guru always says, friends are people you speak to more than once. I hope you enjoy my blogs.


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