I was walking through the hills with a few companions and stumbled across a figure in the distance. So, being the appointed leader of my group, I approached him, and he turned out to be exactly what I was looking for...a half-elven healer.  Thanks to him, we won our campaign and I leveled up. However, after that he was gone...disappeared. Never accepted my invitation to join my guild.

That half-elven healer reminded me a lot of the guys I've dated. Sure, they text and IM me all the time promising they'll call...but they don't. They're just in my life for moments when they need me, and then they're gone.

Men are just like that half-elven healer...users. And when I find them, there's a steel-toed kick to the nether region waiting for...

...the half-elf....not the real guys.
7/10/2023 11:56:08 pm

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