Being a licensed therapist for the last fifteen years, it's never an issue finding patients since they usually come to me for help. However, when putting together a study, it is a little more difficult as your search field is refined to a particular type of patient or patients.

A prime example of this would be the study I'm currently preparing. My goal is to find five subjects from different backgrounds who have failed tremendously in maintaining a relationship. I believe through this dichotomy of failure that I will be able to discover where the balance lies in finding and maintaining a successful relationship.

I placed flyers in several pre-determined locations. I barely made it home before I received a call from a potential subject. He found my flyer at the local sperm bank and called me from the donating room to make sure he was the first to respond. Ten seconds into the call and I knew he fit perfectly into one of my subject categories.

It barely took a week to find all five subjects, which I found very impressive. I had no idea it would take so little time.

Speaking of time, it's been over seven months now, but I think we're finally starting to make some progress. She sent me a package in the mail last night. Sure, it was the two dozen roses I sent her for our twenty-second anniversary last week, but she thought of me long enough to return them to me.

That counts for something, right?
1/21/2023 09:11:14 am

Thiss is a great post thanks


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