As a therapist and a person who encourages others to reach their personal and emotional goals, I thought it only fair and fitting that I make a record of my own goals so that I might set about creating a strategic plan to meet them.

Of course, there are the usual suspects....lose a couple of pounds. Get birthday cards out on time. Figure out a way to stop crying during lovemaking.  

I will also resolve not to put too much pressure on myself to achieve these goals, not because they are not important, but because it is often the pressure that we put upon ourselves that causes us to fall short. At least that's what my mentor told me when I fell short of getting into Yale's program and ended up at the local JC instead. And look at me now. That education was perfectly suitable and has put me in a perfect position to create a warm and loving marital relationship as well as a steady and engaged client base. So I'll throw a few resolutions out there, see if they stick, and if so, then it's a pat on the back for me. If not...well...I'm only human. Until Halloween and then I become a griffin, but I digress...and resolve to make that costume work this year.

I will also get some new decorations for the office. Those fun and patterned tissue boxes really seemed to brighten things up at the conference this year. And maybe a picture of an iceberg. That sounds calming...and thematic. 

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