In just a couple of week, my group therapy sessions will begin, and I'm getting a little concerned with some of my patients.

June thinks that signing up has caused some kind of karmic imbalance in her life. Reaper is adamant that this won't work. Izzie breathes heavily into the phone when I speak to her. Frankly, that worries me a bit.

Seattle and Trig, however, are still ready and eager to get started. Trig informed me that he purchased a couple items online in preparation. I won't go into the details here, but the sample images he sent me both concerned and confused me.

Seattle is very excited to begin. One I weed out all the guru quotes she throws out in her sentences, I get the sense that she will try the hardest to get through her issues. At least, that's what her guru says.

Penny answered the phone when I called her today. I was so excited, even though I had to block my number so it said "Unavailable" on her phone when I called. Those twenty-eight seconds were the longest we've talked in months. I'll take that a good start.

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