Apparently my blogs haven't been over very well with the general public. Most of the complaints I've been receiving have been about my "fixation" on a certain topic. So, I've decided to blog today while remaining politically correct. Therefore, any words I want to write that might seem questionable to readers will be replaced with the word "kitten".

Last night I was doing my laundry, and I saw this hot kitten with a pair of kittens the size of watermelons. Being the upstanding guy I usually am, I walked over and asked her if she'd ever kittened on top of a washing machine while it was on.

And here's lesson you only need to learn once...detergent burns your eyes like a motherkitten.

Anyway, after she left, I met this odd little woman with no kittens to speak of...I mean, there were the smallest kittens I've ever seen. She walked over and said she couldn't help but overhear what I said to the other woman, and she was more than willing to kitten me in ways I'd never dreamed.

There were too many people in the laundromat, so we kittened in the car...then she kittened me...I kittened her...we kittened all night long.

Next time, perhaps I'll use another word to keep things PC. Perhaps another word to describe a kitten. We'll see, I guess.