Clap Your Hands.

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands.

If you're happy and you know and you really wanna show it, if you're happy and you know it clap your hands!!!

I love that song. It's one of my favorite, and it's always a great icebreaker in a room full of people you don't know.

I broke into a chorus of it the other day on the bus because everyone looked so sad. Then I sang it on the way to the supermarket, and again on the way home.

It's amazing how many people stop and notice you when you sing a positive song. I even cheered up three policeman while they were arresting this nice man who said he didn't do anything.

And like my guru says, doing something wrong means you're doing it right but others disagree.
Oh my...I feel so bad that I missed my Saturday blog update. So, I'm making up for it now. Yay!

Yesterday, I was working out to my Jaysen Smith workout video today and pulled amuscle, I think. When I high five myself in the mirror after my morning poo and pep talk, I felt sharp stabbing pains running down my back.

My doctor said that I should stop slapping hands with myself in the mirror so the muscle could heal, but my guru says that pain is just our body’s way of hurting. So it’s totally not a big deal.  Besides, this arm sling looks totally fun and cool with my new poodle skirt.
Did you ever just wake up one day and want to give the world a gigantic hug? I did today, and like my guru always says, hugs are the way to squeeze the happiness out of people. And that's just what I set out to do!

When I went for my morning walk in the park, I stopped to hug every person I came across. First, it was this cute little Chinese couple that I see every morning. They were so happy when I hugged them that they were screaming kind words in Asian at me. I'm not sure what they meant, but I smiled and thanked them.

Next was a woman walking her dog. I approached her and extended my arms, but her dog wanted to hug me first, so I let him. Sadly, he ripped my sweatpants with his teeth, but that's okay. Maybe that was just his way of hugging. Fantastic!

The next guy I ran into was this tall guy with muscles bulging out everywhere. I tried wrapping my arms around him, but couldn't, so I just squeezed as hard as I could.

Things went dark for a minute after that. When I woke up, I was on the ground and he was gone. I also felt a little dizzy, so I went home.

Overall, I thought it was a super sucessful outing. To all of you that didn't get a hug from me today, consider this a rain check. I'll find you eventually, and when I do, extend those arms and get ready for a great big HUG!!!
There are so many thing I want to share with you, but where should I start? My guru says that you should always begin at the beginning, or else nobody knows what you're talking about. So I guess I should start there.

I was born on February 13, 1979 at 4:03 AM in the bathroom of a Denny's. My mom thought she had heartburn from the double western barbeque burger, but nosiree. It was me! Thankfully, my mom's waitress Yun-Kim had some experience delivering...she worked at a pizzeria before Denny's.

Whew, that wasn't so bad. Can't wait to write my next blog. Come back soon!
My guru says that resolutions are promises you make to promise to change in order to create a more promising life full of hope...and promise. 

This year, I Seattle Smith do solemnly swear and promise to myself to....

Live each day as if it were my last.

Listen to the laughter of a little child.

Stop and smell the roses...and the tulips and the begonias and the daffodils and the present the dog left because everyone deserves a chance.

Sing as if no one is watching.

Not be afraid of nudity.

Give peaches a chance.

Make love like Republicans makes war.

Fall in many times as possible

Get guru to give me a raise

Meet Jaysen Smith

Write a musical

Start I can quit cold turkey!

Become my own soulmate

Build a snowman....every day.

See Topeka.

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