...before I leave my house for the first time in three months. I like working at home, and I love the fact that you can order groceries online. It makes everything simpler. Plus, it gives me more time to play Warquest.

I still don't understand what possessed me to sign up for this so-called "dating experiment." Maybe I am finally ready to date...but I don't know how anyone can possibly compare to my guild on Warquest.

I have everyone I could possibly want...three warriors, two elven clerics, four archers and two thieves (I really wish that half-elven healer joined my guild. I'll track him down soon enough). How could a regular guy compete with all of that?

Maybe I'm judging a little too prematurely here, but I think it's a safe bet to assume that I won't see any suitors catching my interest with a level 9 lightning bolt. If he does, I'll marry him on the spot.
I made a new avatar today. Since I’m making other changes, to make a new me, I thought I would make a new “me.” I think the changes are good. Instead of a grey colored tunic, I have a slate colored tunic. Instead of four-inch high gladiator half-boots, they are now 5 inches high. Gone is my haubergeon and it has been replaced with a bymie. Sexy. Right?

But I didn’t touch my Avatar’s hair. It hangs in front of her face, right where it should be, which is more than I can say for the half-witch at Supercuts.  I just wanted my ends trimmed…without her moving my bangs.

Why she thought that I needed her to open up my beautiful blonde curtain so that I could “take a look at that, hon!” I have no idea. I do know that she will never make that mistake again…or smile for quite some time.
I don't understand why so many people are looking for a companion to spend the rest of their lives with. Companions are always there by your side...always. Their needs and wants suddenly become your problem, and the stress of fulfilling those needs can be almost as stressful as the repercussions of not filling them.

I mean, I get how companions can help you out, like this time I was caught in a battle with four goblins and my griffin flew off to fetch some healing potions for me. He dropped those potions off and jumped into the fight. Sadly, he fell during battle, but he died fulfilling his purpose as a true companion, serving my needs without needs of his own.

I want a companion that expects nothing from me. Someone who is willing to do their own thing while I do mine. I want a companion that doesn't need me.

I want a griffin.
I was walking through the hills with a few companions and stumbled across a figure in the distance. So, being the appointed leader of my group, I approached him, and he turned out to be exactly what I was looking for...a half-elven healer.  Thanks to him, we won our campaign and I leveled up. However, after that he was gone...disappeared. Never accepted my invitation to join my guild.

That half-elven healer reminded me a lot of the guys I've dated. Sure, they text and IM me all the time promising they'll call...but they don't. They're just in my life for moments when they need me, and then they're gone.

Men are just like that half-elven healer...users. And when I find them, there's a steel-toed kick to the nether region waiting for...

...the half-elf....not the real guys.
Being a web designer, blogging is something I come across daily for some of my customers, and I’m always amazed at how personal some of them really are. So, since this is my first blog, I thought I’d write something from the heart.

I hate resolutions. I hate unfulfilled promises. I hate guys that say they’ll call you and never do. I hate pity dates. I hate dates who leave you before the check comes. I hate guys who only know how to complement you through IM. I hate guys who lie online about what they look like. I hate guys who say they want to have sex with you but can’t tonight...

...or tomorrow...

...or four weeks from now.

I hate dating…I hear it’s very frustrating.