...before I leave my house for the first time in three months. I like working at home, and I love the fact that you can order groceries online. It makes everything simpler. Plus, it gives me more time to play Warquest.

I still don't understand what possessed me to sign up for this so-called "dating experiment." Maybe I am finally ready to date...but I don't know how anyone can possibly compare to my guild on Warquest.

I have everyone I could possibly want...three warriors, two elven clerics, four archers and two thieves (I really wish that half-elven healer joined my guild. I'll track him down soon enough). How could a regular guy compete with all of that?

Maybe I'm judging a little too prematurely here, but I think it's a safe bet to assume that I won't see any suitors catching my interest with a level 9 lightning bolt. If he does, I'll marry him on the spot.
I made a new avatar today. Since I’m making other changes, to make a new me, I thought I would make a new “me.” I think the changes are good. Instead of a grey colored tunic, I have a slate colored tunic. Instead of four-inch high gladiator half-boots, they are now 5 inches high. Gone is my haubergeon and it has been replaced with a bymie. Sexy. Right?

But I didn’t touch my Avatar’s hair. It hangs in front of her face, right where it should be, which is more than I can say for the half-witch at Supercuts.  I just wanted my ends trimmed…without her moving my bangs.

Why she thought that I needed her to open up my beautiful blonde curtain so that I could “take a look at that, hon!” I have no idea. I do know that she will never make that mistake again…or smile for quite some time.